EP REVIEW: Stereo Off – ‘Stereo Off NY EP5’

With a number of gigs around New York under their belt, the indie quintet Stereo Off released their five song EP earlier this year. The indie band which formed in 2012, originated from a one-man solo project later developing into a five-piece band based in Brooklyn, New York. Having played at venues such as the Knitting Factory and Glasslands; as well as appearing in a number of soundtracks for short films in 2013, they embarked upon releasing their much anticipated first EP in early 2014. Taking inspiration from everything from classic rock to ’90s indie bands, Stereo Off’s EP is the perfect balance of electro and indie.

The EP kicks off with the catchy opening track ‘Photographs’; reminiscent to that of The Dandy Warhols, following faultlessly by the electro-meets-indie second track ‘Bullet Time’. ‘Effectual’ which is the third track of the debut EP is in-keeping with the previous tracks, providing an upbeat melody that makes it hard not to sing-along to. The penultimate track ‘The Thrill’ differs from the other tracks; the repetitive nature of the melody allowing the lyrics and outstanding vocals to take the spotlight and receive the attention they deserve. The EP’s last track feels like an abrupt end; finishing with the animated ‘MI6’; conveying a more aggressive, gutsy side to the five-piece, leaving you wanting to hear more.

It’s evident from listening to the five song EP that Stereo Off are destined for great things in the near future. Encompassing a diverse range of talented musicians with a plethora of influences, it’s just a shame that it’s an EP and not a full length album.

To listen to the EP check out Stereo Off’s website here or check out their bandcamp.

Also, don’t forget to check out their Twitter and Facebook for regular updates!


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